Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

2 Kg, 4 Kg and 6 Kg

Safe to use on all your sensitive equipment, the Clean Agent Extinguisher brings you the added benefit of being the world’s most advanced, and by far the most eco-friendly extinguisher. Clean Agent Extinguishers leave no residue, pack in mega power and are absolutely safe for use on any sensitive electronic equipment.

  • ISI Marked
  • Safe for use on live electrical equipment
  • Squeeze grip operation
  • Fully refillable
  • Controlled discharge

Ideal Use

Home | Office | Building | Warehouse Factories | Factories Electrical Equipment Rooms | Welding Areas | etc

Technical Specification of Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

Model RCA2 RCA4 RCA6
Capacity in (KG) 2 Kg 4 Kg 6 Kg
I.S. Specification No. IS 15683 IS 15683 IS 15683
Fire Rating 1A, 8B 1A, 13B 1A, 21B
Operating TEMP. ̊C -20 ̊C to +55 ̊C -20 ̊C to +55 ̊C -20 ̊C to +55 ̊C
Min. Jet Length (in Mtrs.) 2 Mtrs. 2 Mtrs. 2 Mtrs.
Discharger % Min. 95% 95% 95%
Discharger Time Min. 13 Sec. 13 Sec. 13 Sec.
Charge Pressure 15kgf /cm2 15kgf /cm2 15kgf /cm2
Test Pressure 35kgf /cm2 35kgf /cm2 35kgf /cm2
Operating Valves Squeeze Grip Type Squeeze Grip Type Squeeze Grip Type
Extinguisher Media HFC 236fa HFC 236fa HFC 236fa
Propellant Dry Nitrogen Dry Nitrogen Dry Nitrogen
Anti Corrosive Treatment Phospheting (7 Tanks) Phospheting (7 Tanks) Phospheting (7 Tanks)
Painting Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating
Tare Weight (KG) 1.4 Kgs 2.3 Kgs 3 Kgs
Gross Weight (KG) 3.4 Kgs 6.3 Kgs 9 Kgs

Product Approvals

    ISO 9001 : 2008
  • ISI Marking
    ISI Marking
  • Buro of Indian Standards
    Buro of Indian Standards
    CE Marking

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