Mechanical Foam Cartridge Fire Extinguisher

9 Ltr

Foam fire extinguishers are ideal for use on Class A and B Fire Risks. The Safe Alert Foam fire extinguishers are available in 9ltr standard models.

  • ISI Marked
  • Safe for use on live electrical equipment
  • Squeeze grip operation
  • Fully refillable
  • Controlled discharge

Ideal Use

Petrol Stations | Restaurants | Paper Factory | Garment Factory | etc.


Don’t use on Electrical Fire.

Technical Specification Of  Mechanical Foam Cartridge Fire Extinguisher

Model RSPM 9
Capacity in (Ltr) 9 Ltr
I.S. Specification No. IS 15683
Fire Rating 4A, 89B
Operating TEMP. ̊C +5 ̊C to +55 ̊C
Min. Jet Length (in Mtrs.) 2 Mtrs.
Discharger % Min. 95%
Discharger Time Min. 13 Sec.
Charge Pressure 15kgf /cm2
Test Pressure 35kgf /cm2
Operating Valves Squeeze Grip Type
Extinguisher Media AFFF IS:4989
Propellant Dry Nitrogen
Anti Corrosive Treatment Phospheting (7 Tanks)
Painting Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating
Tare Weight (KG) 4 Kgs
Gross Weight (KG) 13 Kgs

Product Approvals

    ISO 9001 : 2008
  • Buro of Indian Standards
    Buro of Indian Standards
    CE Marking

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